The goal is this program is to build a better aerobic engine to improve your pacing, breathing and recovery. We’ll use a specific cyclical test so that we know the improvements are specific to the aerobic energy system, not learning the skill of a movement better such as thrusters or pull-ups.

MOST people will see significant progress in their 5k Row time at the end of this training program and MOST will see a large carry-over to CrossFit workouts.  If you do not see significant carry-over, you may need to address muscular endurance or technical movement more.

Before you begin the program, we want you to row 5k for time as a time trial.

Watch this video on how to do a 5k time trial test.

Once you finish the 5k, record these metrics to compare for later:

Avg pace/500m

Split times

Avg Heart Rate

Peak Heart Rate

Total Time

While not required, we recommend you get a heart rate (HR) monitor.  Here is a chart of HR zones:

Zone 1 – HR <150 beats per minute (BPM)

Zone 2 – HR 150-170 BPM

Zone 3 – HR 170-190 BPM (85%)

Zone 4- HR 190-max BPM

Zone 5- HR 145-195 BPM

The percentages listed in the program are based on perceived effort for the time from or distance given. For example. 85% for 30 sec repeated 12 times would be different than 85% for a 10 min block of time.

For more about how to row with good technique, make sure to check out this TechniqueWOD.

Have fun!