The purpose of this program is to increase your anaerobic capacity to mentally and physically improve your ability to go harder in intense conditioning workouts. This type of training is very taxing on the nervous system and can be easily overdone. For this reason,  we’ve purposefully limited this program to 2x/week and less than 30 min. Your focus for these workouts should be INTENSITY. For most of these sessions the perceived effort should be VERY high. Scale or select weights so that you can go hard.

There are two training pathways to choose from:

A mixed-modal pathway with a variety of movements and a cyclical stationary bike or rower only pathway.

Choose a path based on equipment and ability. We suggest the bike or row path for beginners or if you lack good technique for power cleans. You may switch pathways anytime you like but stick to just ONE of these workouts per day.


Before beginning the programming, make sure perform the test for the pathway you wish to take and record your calories, meters or time.


Bike or Row Path Test (click here to watch a video on how to test with a stationary bike)

60 sec Assault Bike Sprint for Max Cals


60 sec Row Sprint for meters

Mixed Modal Path Test:

3 rounds for time:

Power Clean, 135#/95#

Burpee Box Jumps, 24/20”

Enjoy the hurt